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We understand that out-of the-box solutions may cater for all your needs


Working with you side-by-side we will change the application model to reflect almost any change to the user interface, validation rules and other functionality without recompiling the application. Both for Windows and Web client applications.


We can provide remote and on-site training for our products and custom modules developed for specific projects.

Data Management

Take advantage of our +15 year experience of working with biodiversity projects and become your part-time data manager taking care of various processes – from to setting up infrastructure to project management and field work design.


In addition to having fully internal setup we can host your database and web client on our server located in top level facility

Custom Modules Development

If your project requires special functionality it can be delivered as custom modules that are loaded into the stock products for both Win and Web platforms.

Data conversion

Let us take care of all the data you have stockpiled in various formats and convert it to EarthCape database.