From RGB Kew ICMS programme:

This is an ambitious project which aims to bring all of our collections data into one integrated system. A new software system (‘Earthcape’) has been purchased, and work is continuing on transition of our various sets of data into the new system. The project has been highly collaborative and is meeting its objectives overall.

The ICMS Programme’s objectives are to:

  • Ensure efficient and effective collections management
  • Support regulatory compliance in the light of Access and Benefit Sharing legislation surrounding the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity, including the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Provide improved access to Kew’s physical and related-data collections.
  • Manage, support, and protect our data as appropriate in this digital age
  • Reduce the risk of system failure and data loss.
  • The business drivers for implementing a new system are as follows:
  • Improved reliability and support for a pivotal part of the science collections framework, ensuring continuity of service and safeguarded data.
  • Ensure curators have appropriate level of access to data and functionality in the system to enable effective and efficient management of the collections data
  • Improved searching and reporting functionality to enable greater analysing of the contents of RBG Kew’s collections to support research and reporting on the KPI’s and progress
  • Improved Transaction System to manage collections and all associated documentation being sent or returning to RBG Kew.