Co­ordin­ated Ana­lysis of Long-Term Eco­lo­gical Data to Un­der­stand Im­pacts of Global Change

In Finland, we have a unique knowledge reserve made up of long-term series of nature observations. By fully utilizing this reserve, we can understand environmental change and its impact on communities of organisms and the ecosystem services they provide. In this project, we will unite the leading experts in the field to tap into this reserve together with its creators, to develop new methods and to disseminate the tools created to stakeholders.

Åland Metapopulation Project

The long-term study of the Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia) that has been conducted since 1991 in a large network of 4,000 habitat patches (dry meadows) within a study area of 50 by 70 km in the Åland Islands in Finland. Since 2010, we have implemented EarthCape as our database management system, into which we have integrated data collection in the field as well as subsequent tasks related to the management of samples collected during the survey and various tasks related to data analysis. EarthCape is also used to streamline the planning of the field surveys, recording measurements in the laboratory based on material collected from the field work as well as in data exploration and visualization. The web version of the program is used to provide an easy access to the data for our researchers after it has been imported into a main database.