We will take a quick look how EarthCape handles customer requests for minor (and, sometimes, not so minor) changes often in real time without software re-deployment and with no down time. In fact, the same can be done by the admin users of the database after some training.

Example: modify form layout.

Although the end user has a degree of freedom to do that on his/her own with the windows client (right click on the form and invoke a visual form designer), it is currently impossible to do it on the web client and it would not apply to all users, only to the currently logged in one.

To introduce the same changes at the level of the whole database (that will apply to all users of the database) one would need to open an application model (Administration/AppModels) “EarthCape Cloud” – for the web app customization and “EarthCape Cloud Win” (or “EarthCape Pro Windows Client”) for win client customization.

Finding the target view to modify usually happens through first locating a respective Navigation item,

then attached List View (table)

and a corresponding Detail View (form).

which can be modified using the same built-in layout editor.

When the changes are saved, they will come into force for all users after they re-login.

User’s own modifications are not lost (in case they are not conflicting) and are applied as a layer on top of the ones introduce in the base model.