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What’s new

21 September 2018

  • New: PCR protocol data type that can be linked to PCR run. Win Client only at this point.
  • Small fixes in GBIF taxonomy import

30 August 2018

  • New: PCR run lab book (rich text document) page on Win client.
  • New: Sequence run (Sanger) records with a list of amplified DNA extracts
  • New: Win Client: GIS Lat/Long recalculate command added
  • New: Tab pages with list inside the form view now show amount of records in captions
  • XML export files size can be smaller due to exclusion of empty fields option
  • v18.1 Numerous minor fixes and improvements

9 February 2018

  • New: DnaExtract search by providing a list of IDs
  • New: DnaExtract Comment field added
  • New: Win Client: GIS Lat/Long recalculate command added
  • New: Store and DnaExtract: created and last modified log fields are added
  • Fixed: DnaExtract Excel import failed
  • Fixed: Locality.Length field overwritten for point geometries
  • Tip: Searching large tables

7 January 2018

  • Updated: GBIF integration – Taxonomic name type gets additional field -GBIFValidTaxonomicName. Updates automatically when GBIF name checking picks up SYNONYM status.

17 October 2017

  • New: Data import:
    • Import command for web client
    • Storing import file in the database as attachment
    • Optional import GBIF backbone taxonomy for newly created taxonomic names on import
    • Check for non-existing fields and aborting if found
  • New: Create field command for win and web clients
  • New: Save view variants under user defined names
  • New: Reporting module for web client
  • New: Home page with editable content
  • New: Remember me option at login
  • New: Database usage statistics (hidden at this point)
  • New: Base map (Google and Bing) search (geocoding).
  • New: Create new record by clicking a map (Latitude and Longitude fields are populated) for Localities, Units, and Projects
  • New: Search/lookup drop down editors
  • New: Inline editing of Unit records in web client
  • New: Table view layout (e.g. column order and visibility) cloning and saving under user defined name.
  • Fixed: Hiding actions depending on object permissions
  • Fixed: Hiding linked objects without read permissions
  • Fixed: Web dashboards creation and saving

10 August 2017

  • New: Column customization on web client (screenshot)
  • New: Ctrl+click in web client navigation to open a section in new browser tab.
  • New: Anonymous (public) login and permission configuration
  • Minor fixes

July 2017

  • New: Email module
  • New: Sequencing – “Filter list” command
  • New: Locality object updates Lat/Long fields from Geometry (WKT) on saving
  • New: Navigation items open in new browser tabs when using Ctrl+Click
  • New: All passwords are encrypted and verified using RFC 2898 algorithm. This mode is FIPS-compliant.
  • New: WKT and Lat/Long fields synced automatically. Excel import can now use just Latitude and Longitude fields instead of WKT
  • New: Register new user (Default role is assigned) and reset forgotten password at login
  • Fixed: “Show units” did not work for Habitat, Brood and Dataset objects
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